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Play Therapy

Play may be the most natural and least intrusive way to access a child's inner and outer world. 

Play Therapy at Home Away is offered in a Waldorf inspired space, filled with natural materials and free from the pressures, norms and technology of the external world. The space has been intentionally curated to create an inviting, warm and calm environment. Our location is immersed in acres of forest surrounding the therapeutic space. Through play, children can work through and overcome their problems. The child is trusted in knowing how to navigate their problems in the their play and it translates to life experiences. They experience a sense of power and control that can not always be afforded to them in other situations. Each child is accepted exactly where they are in that moment. 

Please contact for further information. 

Play therapy is provided in person at our office in Caledon East, ON.


"Enter into a child's play and you will find where their minds, hearts and souls meet."

Virginia Axline


I work using a child-centered play therapy approach. This offers children a nonjudgmental, emotionally supportive therapeutic atmosphere. It is a space where the child's play is not interpreted or questioned, but expressed and reflected. The therapist unconditionally accepts and empathizes with the child and their play, with very few limitations.

Our Space

Play Therapy Office
Forest Therapy
Natural Toys, Play Therapy

Parental Support

Play Therapy is helpful for any child and can be used for emotional regulation, behavioural concerns, acute and severe trauma, anxiety, divorce, attachment problems, ADHD, developmental changes and more.

I offer optional parental support during your child's therapy journey to guide home experiences throughout the process. Often our children highlight areas within ourselves that need to be healed to sustain change and promote a healthy family system. 

Offered online or in person. 
30 minute session - $90
50 minute session - $130

Filial Therapy

Filial therapy is a psychoeducational therapy intervention for families where I will help train, guide and observe as you hold space for your child in a play session. This can help create healthy attachment, improve parent-child relationships and is an option to continue the therapeutic process in your own home.

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